Archivist's Annual Reports for the IAWA

The IAWA was established in 1985 as a collaborative project between the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. It is overseen by a board of advisors that includes architects, city planners, industrial and interior designers, librarians, and archivists from the US and abroad. Faculty members, librarians, and administrators from Virginia Tech serve as the Executive Committee of the Board. The head of Special Collections or their designee serves as the Archivist for the IAWA and sits on the Board of Advisors and the Executive Board. The IAWA Archivist prepares a report for presentation to the Board of Advisors at each annual meeting.

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IAWA Archivists

  • Aaron Purcell 2007-current
  • Gail McMillan 2005-2007
  • Jennifer Meehan 2004
  • Jennifer Gunter 2003
  • Gail McMillan 1997-2002
  • Stephen Zietz 1993-1995
  • Laura K. Smith 1987-1996
  • Glenn McMullen 1985-1986